Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and Rainbow Brite

Halloween was a very exhausting day for me this year. I think that is the case for most teachers. I was a shadow fairy from the Fablehaven books..specifically Fablehaven 3 The Grip of the Shadow Plague. It was great because I wore black wings, a black outfit, and awesome black make-up. I also spray painted my hair black. Which, by the way, has STILL not come out completely. My hair right now is a lovely shade of gray. It's like Murky Dismal sprayed a gloom cloud into my hair. Which leads me into my next topic...Rainbow Brite. For all of you out there who were kids in the 80's you know how fabulous those cartoons were! Who doesn't respect the Care Bears, Popples, Pound Puppies, Lady Lovely Locks, Strawberry Shortcake, Hugga Bunch, Jem, She-ra, He-man, Transformers, and of course Rainbow Brite. (I am sure I missed some great ones in there.) My personal favorite, though, was Rainbow Brite. Wes and I have recently been de-junking our closets and I came across Puppy Brite. According to the Baby Book that I also came across, I received said puppy on my second birthday making it 25 years old! I washed it and now it is shiny and beautiful. Just how Rainbow would have wanted it. However, this got me thinking about that magical and colorful cartoon. So, of course I ebayed the whole series and spent the last week watching it...and it was as fabulous as I remembered. Wes' sister, Nancy and her family came over today for dinner and we tested Rainbow's charm on her sons (a new generation of booey woos) and apparently she still has it. Because I don't think their eyes left the TV screen the whole time she was on. I asked Joseph (my 3 year old nephew) which character he liked the best and he pointed to the screen and said, "The girl on the horse." Yep, after 25 years, Rainbow Brite's still got it!