Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Well, the Harris Family had a fabulous Christmas this year. We went to Georgia and spent time with family, dumped the mini Harris off with my mom and headed down to sunny Florida to hang with Mickey and friends! We had a great time! Here are a few pics of our trip.

We tried another picture with Santa, this time with the whole family. Things went a little better. Although Scarlett wasn't about to turn her back to the Jolly Old Elf. This Santa is actually a good friend of my moms. He doesn't normally look so Santa-ish, but he's been growing out his beard since August and has apparently made a pretty penny during the holiday season playing santa. I thought he looked great and he visited Scarlett for free! So, in review, we paid 0 dollars to continually strike fear into our poor Booey Woo's heart.

Here I am on It's a Small World. We were the only ones on the ride that we ever saw. So, we were able to enjoy 358 rounds of It's a Small World alone. This ride was being renovated when we went to Disneyland so it was Wes' first time to experience this wonderful, musical, cultural adventure!

While we ate at the Les Chefs de France, Ratatouille came by to visit. A quick word about our eating experience here at WDW. We bought the dining plan, which a lot of people said wasn't worth the money. We beg to differ. We made our reservations almost 6 months ago and they were worth every bite and minute we spent planning them. Our best eating adventure was at Jiko The Cooking Place. It's African food and I think Wes about died and went to heaven there.

This is a ride I rode when I was 8 years old and visited Disneyworld with my family. I was really scared to ride it back then because I thought maybe the ship would fall out when it backed up into this hole. Thankfully it didn't either time I rode it.

This was one of our favorite rides. Its Toy Story's Midway Mania. It's all carnival type rides except for instead of actual ring tosses, it's virtual 3D. I really can't explain it, because it would take more typing than I have the energy to do, but it's really really fabulous!

Speaking of Toy Story, here is a float from the movie in the Block Party Bash at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

This was a stage production of Beauty and the Beast. It was really good except I thought the Beast's human form was a little you can see in this picture.

After watching Apes play on this playground for about 1/2 an hour, Wes decided that if he were an animal he'd be an ape. His exact words were, "You may think I'd want to be a flying animal, but they're only flight nothing else. Apes are small enough to swing through trees, but big enough to fight and defend themselves." Anyway, he gave those apes a lot of hard thought and decided they were pretty cool.

Another Wes favorite was the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House! He probably took about 100 pictures of this fake tree. He's convinced we need to build one in our backyard some day.

Wes saw the Sword in the Stone and practically...actually literally skipped over to it and thrusted the camera at me saying, "Here, take my picture!" Then proceeded to climb up onto the stone and pull with all of his might while grunting from the effort. I'm pretty sure about 4 different families stopped to watch the spectacle.

So, for most of our trip, the crowds were really not too bad. However, this is the last day and they were getting a little...muchier.

We spent about 45 minutes watching this guy do glass blowing. He was trying to make a vase, but the top broke off. So, he made it a candy dish instead. It was pretty awesome!

It was surprisingly cold in Florida. During the daytime hours temps were a perfect 65 degrees, but at night they got colder than we had packed for...hence my disney jacket and scarf!

Here's Scarlett and Wes Christmas morning. Nana took good care of her and we are very thankful for the worry free vacation and the QT (Quality case that's a phrase only my family uses) we had together! Thanks Mom and Jerry!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scarlett In!

Mommy and Daddy forced me to do a little photo shoot under the tree. Don't ask why they felt the need to do half the shoot with me in nothing but a diaper. They can be SO uncouth!

"But I don't want to do this! I'd rather suck on that camera!"

"Fine, but ONLY because Daddy's making such funny faces behind Mommy."

"This little chair is interesting, it's just about my size. Maybe I should sit on it."

"Nah, its too small. I'll just rest my arm on it like this."

"Here Mom, let me take a look at that last picture. Did I look natural?"

"Look, Dad, don't try to pose me! We do it my way or the highway!"

"Well, what do we have here?"

"Hey there little fella! How are you?"

"Wait a second you look familiar..."

"I remember you!"

"I did not appreciate you ripping me out of Mommy's arms! I don't care if you are a jolly old fat guy!"

"Take that...and that!"

"I bet this beard isn't even real!"

"What? I was just LOOKING at the DVD Player. I wasn't going to push any buttons!"

"What's that bright light?"

"Daddy, I only need to touch it once. It's so pretty and sparkly!"

"I..I'm just going to bring it in for a closer look."

"HAH, you fall for that every time! Yep, right in the mouth there. Mmmm, tastes hot."

"Why do you two feel the need to take away everything I find that's interesting? I don't want to play with any of those toys, I want to play with loose cords and electrical outlets!"

"Thanks for coming by everyone! I hope you have a Merry Christmas. May you find an extra bottle in your stocking on Christmas Day!"

Scarlett Out!