Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wes's 2012 Reading List!!!

And the post you've all been eagerly awaiting since last year's list, the 2012 Reading List is finally here.  

Disclaimer:  There is a slight chance that my analytical work has bled into my personal life.  (And yes I'm aware that this is documented proof that I'm a geeky engineer.)

But first a little buildup:  
In 2011 I switched buildings, got a shorter commute, and exchanged my kindle reading on a bus for a steering wheel and daily navigation of Houston traffic.  I feared my reading time would be extremely limited and I would have a much shorter list in 2012 than 2011.  That is until I got this little beauty (the Bose Bluetooth Series 2 Headset) for Christmas from me . . . and some cash from some of you (did I mention you're great).

Figure 1 Bose Bluetooth Series 2 Headset a.k.a Little Beauty

With this I could and did listen to books a lot.  Not only did it cover my commute but suddenly I was listening to the Outsiders while changing poopy diapers (yeah I said poopy), I was swept up in Steve Jobs life as I fixed the kitchen sink for hours, and suddenly I could play tea party at Scarlett's table for a lot longer.

A typical morning:  Alarm >> Shower >> Dry ear with a Q-tip >> Insert Bluetooth >> Listen:  Conference Talks 15 Min. >> Podcasts 15 min.  >> Latest Book variable min.  

Alright no more preamble, here it is:  Wes's 2012 Reading List and Analysis

Pages read: 11,120; down 865 from 2011.
Books read:  30 books; 2 up from 2011.
I have several books partially read right now so I'd say overall I came out pretty close to last year.

Table 1:  The Nitty Gritty Raw Data

Figure 2 Page Count and Format Breakdown

Figure 3 Breakdown by Genre

Bonus Material:

Podcasts of Note:
This is a mind map (iThoughts) of all things Brandon Sanderson (a favorite author and writing instructor).  He is prolific and I've captured my progress thus far and some of the material I've yet to consume in the picture below.  For a closer look you can download an HTML version at Wes's Brandon Sanderson Consumption a borderline unhealthy pastime.

My Brandon Sanderson mind map in iThoughts.

Figure 4 My Brandon Sanderson Mind Map (in iThoughts)

Podcasts of Note:
General Conference (Great start to the day.)
Writing Excuses (For the fiction writer in you.)
Quick & Dirty Tips (These are awesome and there are a ton of them on multiple topics (e.g. The Tech Talker, Grammar Girl, Math Dude, Everyday Einstein, Money Girl, The Domestic CEO, . . . )

Well, I suppose I've exposed enough of my inner nerd for one night and Jen says she can wait no longer for Wes's 2012 Reading List and I can't bear to let her down.  So, there you have it.