Sunday, March 2, 2014

Desmond & Wes Ride Again!

Grandpa Randall's funeral was just a few weeks after our trip to California.

The boys headed to Utah.

We had a good time.

The second plane was going pretty well until Desmond woke up just as we were descending.  I descended into a dark place as Desmond thrashed and screamed until we reached Terra firma.  Not awesome.

Once we got to Tooele, he had a blast!  He's running off some of that excess energy.

Wheels are a big deal at the Sumner's house.  Desmond's favorite was riding the pink wiggle thing that Cale is on in the background.

Des was pretty excited about his strawberry milk and I'm sure he would have loved the curds but he is apparently on a self-imposed no cheese diet right now.

Who has time to pose Dad!

Desmond did really well for the funeral.  We stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's house on the way out of town.

You can only ask so much of a little Booey Woo and the burial after an hour+ drive was clearly asking too much.

Although it was nothing that hanging with Cale couldn't fix.

Desmond was in good spirits, but for some reason all his games involved laying his little punkin' head on stuff.

Desmond clearly felt at home.  He rooted around in Uncle Kelly and Aunt Debbie's pantry until he found the good stuff.

By the time we hit my sister Nancy's house Des knew the drill.  Get out of the car, find the toys, eat all their food.

Jonathan was a superstar.  He was really sweet to Desmond.

Of course sometimes he was sweet with Sammy's toys :(

Just like any adventure there were some ups and downs, like this one in the airport bathroom.

But the ups were totally worth it!

Desmond finished a long day by dancing with his cousins.