Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lunch Time!

Have I ever mentioned what a great dad Wes is?  He sat down with Scarlett the other day and joined her and her friends for some scrumptious lunch.

It had only the most elite guests of all the playroom including Grover (in a booster seat)...

the dinosaurs (all lined up in a neat little row I might add), Kermit, and the Pigeon Forge Bear my dad and Esther gave her.  Like I said, the best of the best!  Although, I am surprised Minnie didn't make it, she must have been napping.

Let's see, what shall I serve?

Definitely, I'll need to slice some bread because who doesn't love toast?

Here it comes, Daddy!

There you go.

 Now would you like some honey on that?  You would?  Let me take care of that!

Oh, I'll need to grab a butter knife to spread it on.

Move out of the way Daddy!  Here we go, a little honey on the bread.

Nice and even.

Oops, I missed a spot.

 Where'd Daddy go?  Oh, well, no since in wasting a perfectly honeyed piece of wooden bread!