Thursday, January 22, 2009

How many of you were LOST last night?!?!

After months of torture and short lived patience, LOST was finally returned to us last night. I watched three straight hours of recaps and the two new episodes. This TV show is SO good and I feel like old friends have moved back to town. Life was just not as fulfilling without (to name a few) Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley (Hoo-Ho), Sun, Saiid, Locke, Desmond, and the best bad guy ever created...Ben. *Cue orchestral score performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra*

Any predictions out there about what is going to go down during Season 5?

Also, for those of you who do not watch LOST, it is time to join the Harris family in what is the most intriguing show...ever. You will not be disappointed. But you would definately need to start with Season 1.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ready for 2009?

Well, 2008 was a pretty fun year, especially the summer.

I am hoping 2009 will be even better. We have some fun stuff coming up this year. Such as Wes' internship in Houston this summer with ExxonMobil. (Wes said there is no space between Exxon and Mobil.) We are way excited about this because it could mean a permanent job there after he graduates. I am also excited for this fall, because Wes will start his last year of school! Yeah! This summer will be my ten year high school reunion. I'm not going, but still cool to know its been ten years.

Is anyone setting any New Years Resolutions? My 2008 resolution was to not put make-up on in the car (specifically on the way to work) anymore. I am proud to say that I have met this resolution with a 100% success rate. My goal this year is to set out my clothes the night before. I know these goals are very simple and not necessarily life changing, but I like to make resolutions I think I can keep. Plus, I am not much of a 6:00 in the morning kind of person. Anything I can do to help my mornings go smoother and quicker are very good. Well, I don't have too much more to say for now. I just was sick of seeing the Jen and Wes Elfyourself video at the top of our blog.