Sunday, October 6, 2013

Desmond's 2012 Photo Book!

I've decided to make one of these for the kids every year.  For 2013, they'll just share the same book.  I figured, however, whenever a kid's born they deserve their own birth book.  So, this is a book from Desmond's birth on May 28, 2012 to December 31st, 2012.  Then, 2013 will be of both Scarlett and Desmond.  Scarlett got her own 2012 book, too.  Anyway, probably only grandparents will want to look through this whole thing, but here it is!  He's a pretty amazing and cute little guy.

If you're having trouble viewing it, I had better luck when I clicked the link below that said "Click here to view this photo book larger."

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Desmond turns the big 1!!!

On May 28th, Desmond turned 1 year old.  On June 28th, we had these pictures taken.  So, technically they're of Desmond turning 13 months, but its good enough for me.  Scarlett also tagged along and struck a few poses.  She was helping out by getting Desmond to look in certain directions and to smile.  These pictures were taken outside in 90 degree weather, 100% humidity, at noon.  So, that explains why some of them are of the kids having sweaty, splotchy faces.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with how good they look under these circumstances.

 "Hey, Mommy, wanna go cruising?"

"I'll catch you later!" 

"Scarlett, did you want to come or not?"

This may be my favorite from the shoot. 

 I love this smile.  Desmond has always had such big, wide mouth smiles to go along with his easy going personality. 

Here's another.

I can't believe how big he looks in these pictures! 

I don't know who thought these tricycles were more fun, Scarlett or Desmond.

 "That's right everybody, I'm 1 now."

Scarlett took 18 months before swings were acceptable to her, but Desmond has always loved swings.   

Isn't she so precious looking in this picture?

She always wants to be pushed "higher"...

 and higher...!

Poor little guy was pretty tired.  I had to do jumping jacks and many other crazy antics to get him to smile or look in certain directions.  Obviously, in this shot I was unsuccessful.

 And in this shot.

 I more surprised him and less entertained him in this shot.

There's a smile! 

Now, he just looks annoyed. 

"Seriously, how long do I have to sit in this hot sun watching you act like a fool, Mom?"

We let him walk around, which he found more enjoyable. I love these.

I love this cute, pensive look. 

There's another big smile.  

 In this picture, Desmond had just completed some "dirt angels" while face down on the ground...hence why his mouth is covered in dirt.  Scarlett would never have done something like that at any point in her life...I feel certain of that.

One more dirty face picture for you to enjoy.  These are soo cute, too.  I really wish his face was clean.  I was trying believe me, but I needed more than wipes to scrape off this sticky mid-day dirt.

 "I wanna climb these, too!"

Scarlett "teaching" Desmond to climb.

We'll try it again in another few months.

We grabbed a few more of Scarlett. 

Going super fast down the slide

 She's got climbing in her blood...from her Daddy.

 This is very serious stuff.  Also, very nerve wracking to watch her climb to the top.

Finally, this little montage!  We love you Desmond!  Thanks for all of the smiles and baby giggles!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Desmond's thoughts on the Spray Park

"What is this magical place!?"

"I want to touch it!"

 "This is awesome!"

"Whoa, that was a lot of water!" 

"This is awesome again!" 

"I'm sure I can catch it if I try really, really hard." 

"Oh, look, another one!"

"Uh, oh.  Why isn't it working anymore?" 

"Hmmm, this one's not working either..." 

"Oh, wait, now it is." 

"Yeah, its definitely working now!" 

"I can't breathe! Are you just going to stand there taking pictures?!" 

"Hold on.  We're good now.  Don't worry about it. " 

"Let me take some pictures." 

 "No?  Alright, well, where can I go next then?"

 "Hey, now this thing is pretty cool!"

 "This side is pretty cool, too!"

"What's that?  Scarlett wants to leave?" 

"But...but...I don't want to leave..."