Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scarlett...then and now...

Okay, I know our blog has turned into a mommy blog and all we ever post are Scarlett pics...but she's pretty much what's going on right now. We'll try to post some other stuff someday soon!

When Scarlett was 4 months old, we had her picture taken at JC Penney and we just had them done again when she was 14 months old. So, these have a 10 month difference...crazy!

In all of these pictures, she's doing a slight smile. However, she also has a great big smile she uses frequently, as shown below!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scarlett's Sweet & Sour Sides

I love the first half of this clip when Scarlett is dancing in the wind...so sweet, right? Then the second part is her sassy/sour side. Which at times I find hilarious and other times I find exhausting and irritating. Notice the head shake at me after I back off. This is it in it's mildest form. That's her newest thing...she doesn't say no, she just constantly shakes her head at me with furrowed eyebrows.

During the Sweet part of this video we were at a local park and here is a still of it. It's really pretty and Scarlett really, really loved this dog!