Friday, December 30, 2016

A New Desk for a New Year

Wes has had a part time job this fall/winter as my woodworking man.

A couple of months ago, he made us a sofa table with the perfect dimensions to go behind our new sectional.  Here's a quick peek at that.

 It's been put to good use this Christmas holding our Harry Potter Village.

Here is a picture of what I've been working with for my desk/crafting/cricuting/primary lesson preparing space.  It was SO not cutting it.  It had such a small surface area and two tiny little drawers.  Papers were everywhere with no hope or room for organization.

Enter Wes.  Our first challenge was procuring the materials in a tiny Toyota Rav4.  Luckily, everyone made it home safely.

I found some plans on Pinterest that I gave Wes along with my own modifications.  He enlisted a good friend of ours to help out.  Thanks, Russells!  Wes and Aaron worked all day getting it put together and then Wes worked on it more sporadically for a few days after.

 Once, everything was finished, it was handed over to me for sanding, painting, and waxing.

Wes added these great cord hiding solutions, so that it has a cleaner look to it.

Voila!  I love it and it's so beautiful and functional!