Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Zoo Trip

Scarlett finally had her first zoo trip. She really had a lot of fun. Since we have no animals at our house, the only time Scarlett gets to see animals are typically wild ones in our backyard or at the park. They tend to run off really, really fast when they have an overexcited, screaming toddler hurdling toward them. So, she found the zoo and all of its mostly stationary animals to be very exciting. The most excited she got was when an abnormally large and obviously overfed squirrel came up to her and sat on his haunches begging for food. She gave a shriek that probably only dogs could hear when that happened.

Here she is looking at a regular bird instead of the elephant.

Scarlett taking her fist carousel ride, she liked it a lot!

Now, she's waving to all the people waiting in line instead of at the camera and Wes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Harris's go Ice Skating!

I was recently called to be the Young Women's Secretary, which is pretty exciting since I have never been in Young Women's before due to the fact that I didn't join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints until I was 18 and graduated. I'm pretty excited/nervous about the new responsibility. I went to my first activity on Wednesday night which was at the ice skating rink. Wes and Scarlett also joined us. I didn't skate since I'm almost 5 months pregnant, but Wes AND Scarlett skated! Yes, I said AND Scarlett...my itty bitty 22 month old. Okay, so she couldn't do it by herself, Wes had to hold her hand, but I must say she possesses some of her dad's crazy good skating skills.

Here they are getting ready to head out on the ice. Scarlett looks like her legs are a million miles long in this picture.

"Bye Mom, I'm going to go skating with Daddy now."

I cannot even tell you how fast they were going in this picture! I seriously almost had a nervous breakdown. They were going faster than anyone else at the rink, passing people like they were standing still.

I wish the pictures had come out better, but I forgot my normal camera and had to use my phone which doesn't do so well in low light and high motion situations. Anyway, Wes took Scarlett around for about 30 minutes before his back gave out on him and she had a complete melt down when he handed her over the wall back to me. She was definitely not ready to say goodbye to ice skating with Daddy.

Here's one more picture of her in her favorite pink vest. Its the only article of clothing she has that she's shown an affinity towards. She loves it and wants to wear it all the time. I think it has something to do with the pockets.