Tuesday, October 13, 2009

3D Catan Box

So as most of you know, Jennifer and I like Catan a little bit. We (Jen might say Wes) decided to make a 3D catan board. It is a work in progress and lots of people have helped get it up and running. Especially the Munns with their late night/early morning contributions. Surprisingly this post is more about the box in which it resides. Due to a very large catan board that I had preciously constructed. Jen and I (reluctantly) agreed to only make the game if it could fit in the box below.

It was just an empty box on sale from Michaels. Well this clearly wouldn't suit my needs. So I decided to make some modifications as follows.

I cut the front off and started to add shelves.

I hinged the shelves to provide easy access to the hexes.

Fortunately everything fit.

Then I had to create a way to put the front back on and still make it removable. Pegs on the top and bottom did the trick nicely.

I grooved out the front to allow the hexes to fit more comfortable. Actually this was the original reason I wanted to modify the box.

Now, from the outside it looks the same, but you know what's inside.

Mike, Jeralynn, and Talon are playing the game with Jen and myself. There you have it.