Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Love

Yesterday, my Room Mom threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun! She invited all of the kid's moms, too. I would say about 15 moms showed up, which made it even more fun and wonderful. This was my first baby shower, so it was great to be able to gush about how excited I am and have everyone around me be equally as excited. The students were so adorable in how jubilated they were to give me presents and play baby shower games. All of the moms who were there said their kids had been talking about it all week long. Pretty cute! Here are some pictures.

The Food

The Presents

The Students and The Moms

Me Opening Presents

The take home gifts my Room Mom made for all of my students.

This is right after I pulled out all of my gifts to show Wes. Everything you see is presents from the shower. It was crazy!

Needless to say I was overwhelmed by the love and support shown from my students and their families. We got so many adorable blankets, outfits, shoes, diapers, bath time stuff, medical stuff, etc. Little Scarlett will be one warm, cute, clean, and healthy baby!

On a quick, separate side note, for Valentine's Day, I got some new Maternity Clothes. (I am SO sick of wearing the same 4 outfits over and over and over again.) Here are some pics of a few of them.

Five more weeks to go!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well, this is week 33 for me. Only 7 more weeks of pregnancy to go! My good friend at work who was supposed to have her baby only three weeks ahead of me ended up going into labor and delivering 7 weeks early due to an infection in her placenta. So, I have been kind of nervous since then that Scarlett will try to come early. That really wouldn't fit into my schedule at all! :) My mom has already bought plane tickets for March 24 - April 7th. So, she would, like, completely miss my maternity leave if I had the baby too soon. I am getting very excited, but I am also getting very nervous. The freaky birthing dreams have begun. I won't EVEN go into those! Wes and I signed up for prenatal classes that begin on February 15th and last for four weeks. He's super stoked...alright, not really. Although, I'm pretty excited. We're hoping they teach us something about what to do with a baby...since neither of us have any idea. Luckily, my mom will be here and she can impart all of her baby wisdom onto us. Thank goodness for Grandmas, what would us Moms do without them?