Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scarlett's 1st Haircut

This week, I went over to a friend's house to get Scarlett's haircut. There were a few moms from our playgroup getting their kid's hair done as well. They were surprised that Scarlett was almost 2 and had not yet needed a haircut. I thought about it and decided Scarlett just has a LOT less hair than most kids.

Let's review.

She was a little baldie for a long time.

Here she is at four months, there's barely a hair on that bald little head!

Here is my hair pretty close to the same age as Scarlett's is currently.

Do those fine wispy hairs look familiar?

Well, recently I noticed things had started to change when it came to Scarlett's hair. As I downloaded and looked at our Christmas morning pics, this is what I saw. . .

Then, the other day I took a couple pictures of her on the couch.

It was definitely becoming a mullety unruly mess!

So, we cut it. Which she was amazing during. I gave her some goldfish and blueberries to work on and she was good to go!

Here is the final, beautiful bob she is now sporting.