Friday, May 18, 2012

Why is Scarlett so quiet?

Wes and I were sitting on the couch and noticed that Scarlett had been quiet for a while.  So, we went to investigate and this is what we found.

Does she even look guilty?  No.

Three crayons stripped down to their bare nakedness...

...a couple of hundred more to go!

She's not wasting any time getting started with that either.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Touch a Truck

We went to touch-a-truck this last Saturday.  This is an event where they bring tons of trucks (maybe 30) into a parking lot and let kids go through them, even getting inside and pushing buttons on some of them.  Due to that ability, there were a LOT of horns being honked.  This is what Scarlett thought about the noise.

She did, however enjoy looking through the trucks and sitting in the driver's seats.  For the firetruck, they let about five kids on and the firefighter talked to them about fire safety for seriously, about 25 minutes.  I couldn't even see Scarlett, Wes had to go to the other side of the truck to see her and make sure she wasn't freaked out being squashed in there like a sardine.  He said she was just staring intensely at the fireman as if she were following every word he said...for 25 minutes.

I think this picture was more for Daddy than Scarlett.

She didn't really seem very interested in the Monster Truck.  She seemed more interested in the kids playing in the sandbox that we cut out of the picture.

Wes is trying really hard to get her to look at the camera.

Fail.  Oh, well.  Maybe next year, Wes.  Baby Boy Harris might care more about Monster Trucks.

They built a huge sand pit in the middle of the parking lot with tons of different types of trucks to play with.  They also had various art activities for the kids.  It was a fun, if loud, event and we'll definitely have to hit it up again next time they do it!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Neglection

I have been totally neglecting our blog. It's just so much easier to post pictures on Facebook and its less of a commitment. I don't have to add any captions or anything, I can just throw up 15 pictures in 5 minutes. However, I think about how much our kids will love going back someday and reading this blog and seeing the kinds of things their parents wrote and posted. So, its important to me that I keep it up. This is an effort in that direction!

 A few updates, we have 2.5 weeks left until my due date which is Tuesday, May 29th. The day after Memorial Day. I get the feeling he's not coming early either. This pregnancy in many ways has been a lot easier than the last. I had much, much, MUCH less vomiting, no high blood pressure, and no PUPPPS (that horrid pregnancy rash.) I have, however, still been very tired and uncomfortable. I think he is going to come out a lot bigger than Scarlett. He just feels bigger to me. She was 7lbs 5oz, so we'll see.

 We still haven't posted any pictures of our house, which I would like to do at some point. Its been slow progress, because when we first moved in I was smack dab in the middle of my first trimester and was nauseous and tired all the time. So, with boxes piled to the ceiling in every room, the house felt more like a prison than an exciting new home. Luckily, we had 3 very wonderful things happen to help pull us into a better place. One, two different families from our church called us at different times and offered to come help us unpack. Each family spent about 3-4 hours helping and they worked so hard even though I sat down frequently for breaks. Two, my mom and my stepdad, Jerry, came and stayed with us for two weeks at Christmas. They both worked tirelessly the whole time they were here. Jerry got our dryer working and helped with a million and one other jobs around the house. My mom did laundry (once the dryer was fixed) probably for a week straight catching up what had fallen behind. She made meals, she played with Scarlett, she helped unpack more boxes. Three, I entered into the 2nd trimester and with that came renewed energy and determination to turn our new house into a home. I think we're at a good place now. Much more has been done and there's much more to be done, but from what we hear that's the nature of being a home owner...there's always more to be done. I love our home and I love watching Scarlett prance around it like she owns the place. She knows which cupboards have the exciting stuff, where the dirty clothes go, where the shoes go, where her toys go. Having lived in many houses and many apartments during my life, "stuff" feels very temporary to me. It's funny how permanent it all seems to Scarlett. You suddenly feel slightly guilty when you think about getting rid of the couch she's known her entire life. She knows where I stash the remote in the back cushions and where I put the otter pop wrappers before I get up and throw them away. (Please don't judge me on that one!)

 Anyway, those are just a few thoughts about the house and the pregnancy. I'll leave this post with a picture of Scarlett. I really, really wanted her to wear these sandals that matched this outfit so perfectly. She, however, wanted to wear the blue shoes with the bling bling. They totally clashed, but I figured if that's what she wants to wear, then that's fine with this pregnant woman! She also wanted to wear the pink bow instead of the orange one. Guess what? That was fine with me too as long as she moves it and gets into the car ASAP! She's talking away with her "phone" in one hand and her baby in the other.
Here she is enjoying some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. She's been enjoying ice cream more often lately since it seems to be a serious end of pregnancy craving for me this time around. Of course, that could have a lot to do with the 85 degrees temps we've been having in Houston lately!