Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

The Harris Family had a pretty great Christmas.  Here's what it looked like after Santa dropped off the kid's gifts.

Here they are, dying to run downstairs.

Desmond made an immediate beeline for Scarlett's pile.  I think his eyes hadn't made it over to the tricycle yet.

Because once they did, we were hard pressed to remove his rear end from it.

Scarlett got busy opening presents while Desmond continued to ride his tricycle.  I was surprised she didn't go for the biggest one first.  I feel certain that would have been my plan of action.

Desmond once again took great interest in her presents as she unwrapped them.

Wes finally talked him into going back over to his presents and opening another.

For Scarlett, it was a Barbie Christmas this year.

She finally made her way to the dollhouse.

Desmond had to come check that out, too.

And sit and play with it while Scarlett made sure there was not a scrap of wrapping paper still attached.

It was a pretty fun morning.  Santa ate all of his cookies, drank all of his milk, and Rudolph ate most of his carrot.  The biggest surprise of all is that its all cleaned up now.  Thank goodness for Nana visiting. Somehow, I didn't get a single picture of Nana and Papa on Christmas morning or of myself.

I was horribly sick all day Christmas.  I started vomiting about 11:00a.m. and didn't stop until the next day.  So, I feel very blessed that I was well enough to come downstairs and see the kids open their Christmas presents and feel of their joy because I spent the rest of the day in bed.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!  I hope 2015 brings you good tidings of great joy!