Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

My mom and Jerry came to visit for Christmas.  Despite Wes' cough and Jerry's leg problems, they accomplished a lot, while the rest of us got pretty sick.  By the time Christmas came, Scarlett, Desmond, my mom, and I were on antibiotics.  Somehow amidst all of that, we still had a pretty great Christmas Day.  We came downstairs Christmas morning to an empty plate of cookies, a half-eaten zucchini, and an empty glass of milk.  Scarlett spent about twenty minutes discussing that exciting event with us.

Santa dropped off some toys for Scarlett and Desmond and filled all of our stockings.  He even left two on the couch for Nana and Grandpa.

Here's a close-up of Scarlett's gifts.  Santa even got one of her old dolls to showcase her new doll high chair.  He's so good at laying out his presents with a little bit of style!

Desmond got two toys and some sweet new clothes to fit his ever expanding baby body.  He seemed very pleased with his Christmas!

Scarlett immediately got busy on coloring her some sweet Dora pictures.
"Swiper, no swiping!"

Then she drew some of her famous faces on the whiteboard side.

Then it was time to go skating!  She's a natural, of course.  They went outside and skated some more after she got dressed, but I only caught that on video.

First fall.

First twirl.

I had gotten a sweet deal off our local "Craigslist" type online classifieds.  So, we gave her these princess dresses.  She was pretty excited about them.

Daddy helped her with her costume changes.  Snow White first.

Then, Sleeping Beauty.  She also got Belle, but I had switched to video by then.  This is her "I can't believe how amazing Christmas is" smile.

Desmond said, "This was a fun day, but I'm pretty tired."

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Best Friends and Placebos

I've had two experiences recently with Scarlett that I had to share here on our blog.

Situation 1 - The Placebo

Desmond has been having a really hard time sleeping lately because he's teething and last night he was fussy all evening.  So, before putting him to bed, I decided to give him some tylenol.  Scarlett saw this and freaked out because she wanted medicine.  She was already on the edge because we had put Desmond's crib together and had just told her that he would be sleeping in the new bed instead of her.  So, just wanting all of my kids to stop screaming I thought fine I'll just give her some fake medicine.  So, (when she wasn't looking) I put some water in her little medicine cup and put a drop of green food coloring in it and gave it to her.  She looked at it suspiciously and said, "Nasty medicine?  I need chocolate."  That's how I get her to take nasty medicine like the antibiotics she took twice while she was sick in the last two months.  I said, "no chocolate, its not nasty medicine."  She looked at it very unconvinced and took a sip.  I totally expected her to scrunch her little face up and say, "nasty."  Instead she looked at me very confused and said, "Mommy, that's water."

Situation 2 - Best Friends

Scarlett has been going to a preschool co-op since September.  She loves it, I love it, its been the best thing I could have done for Desmond, Scarlett, and myself.  Its Tuesday/Thursday from 9-12 and  all of us moms take turns teaching for a week.  So, I teach once every five weeks and the other four Scarlett's at one of their houses.  There are five little girls total in the class and they're all such sweet little girls.  One of them is Abbie and Abbie is the one Scarlett sees most frequently.  Abbie is in Scarlett's nursery class at church, her preschool co-op class, and her mom also serves in Young Women with me and because of her husband's work schedule she has to bring Abbie to mutual each week.  Scarlett has to come to mutual each week too because Wes works with the Young Men and I make him take Desmond!  She also sees Abbie whenever we have our Young Women Presidency meeting each month.  Scarlett is a little obsessed with Abbie.  Luckily, she plays it pretty cool in front of Abbie and doesn't stalk her or drive her crazy (I don't think).  But as soon as we leave Abbie's presence, Scarlett starts talking about the next time she'll see her.  We were eating breakfast last Saturday and Scarlett was quietly chewing her food and all of a sudden looked up at me and said, "Scarlett see Abbie today?"  She's always asking me if Abbie's sick or if Abbie's asleep or if Abbie's eating.  So, you get the point.  Last Tuesday night (which is when we have mutual) I told Scarlett at dinner,

"We're going to church to night and you get to see..."

"ABBIE!!!" she cut me off and yelled her friends name once she realized what church meant.

"You love Abbie, don't you?  Abbie's your friend."

"Yes, but she's not my best friend."

This surprised me because a) I had no idea she knew the term 'best friend' and b) I figured since she did know the term then it might be Abbie.

"Who is your best friend?"

I totally expected her to say Mason because he's her other favorite little friend.  We know him from our city's mother's group.  But what did that cute, sweet, adorable little girl say while filling her mother's heart with more love and joy than she knew was possible?


Yep, my cup runneth over.

Here's a shot of my two sweeties just for posterity's sake to show how much they love one another!