Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodbye Legacy

It was a sad day on Friday as I stood in my room for the last time; I paused at the door to look around and thought of all the fun times I'd had in there. I think I'll miss being a teacher. I'll never regret that Wes and I chose the route of waiting for kids and me teaching for a few years. It's what was right for us and as I walked away from my career and toward my role as a full time mom, I felt that this is what's right for us now. I think I'll be a better mom for having taught these five years and I definitely grew as a person and as a teacher. Some lessons I'll put in writing now, so when I am a mom with school age kids, I'll have to answer to them.

10 Things I Want To Do as a Mom Because I Was a Teacher

1) Everyday, my kids will have a specified homework time...even if they don't have homework. They will read quietly or practice math problems or something.
2) We will practice times tables everyday until they are so ingrained in their booey woo brains they're reciting them in their sleep.
3) I will always get my kid's teachers nice, thoughtful gifts at Christmas, Teacher Appreciation week, and the end of the year. Teachers are more patient with kids whose parents show the teacher respect. I'm sorry, but it's true.
4) I will teach my kids to be organized.
5) I will take on the responsibility of helping to teach my kids concepts that they don't understand in school.
6) I will read to my kids a lot. And they will read to me a lot.
7) I will generally take the teacher's word over my kids unless something seems really wrong. A lot of times even the sweetest kid can sometimes misunderstand a situation innocently.
8) I will not fight my kids' battles with other kids unless something seems really wrong. I'll coach them on how to be a good friend, but they'll need to learn how to deal with social problems.
9) I will encourage my kids to participate in team really helps with discipline and social skills, however sports will not be more important than their academics.
10) I will be involved in their school and help out at parties, fund raisers, etc.

Me in my coworkers classroom

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cutest Booey Woo Ever!!!

This footage of Little Miss Scarlett is SO cute. She's just starting to babble and smile and we love it.