Saturday, June 1, 2013

Desmond's thoughts on the Spray Park

"What is this magical place!?"

"I want to touch it!"

 "This is awesome!"

"Whoa, that was a lot of water!" 

"This is awesome again!" 

"I'm sure I can catch it if I try really, really hard." 

"Oh, look, another one!"

"Uh, oh.  Why isn't it working anymore?" 

"Hmmm, this one's not working either..." 

"Oh, wait, now it is." 

"Yeah, its definitely working now!" 

"I can't breathe! Are you just going to stand there taking pictures?!" 

"Hold on.  We're good now.  Don't worry about it. " 

"Let me take some pictures." 

 "No?  Alright, well, where can I go next then?"

 "Hey, now this thing is pretty cool!"

 "This side is pretty cool, too!"

"What's that?  Scarlett wants to leave?" 

"But...but...I don't want to leave..."