Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scarlett Harris and the Great Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, the Harris family got out of the house and went to get a pumpkin. We went to the same place we got our Christmas tree last year and will again this year. They put on a pretty good show of activities.

First things first, we went and got a snow cone (yes it is still warm enough in Houston for a snow cone) and chopped beef BBQ sandwich (a Texas specialty). Scarlett thought the banana flavored snow cone was the best.

Then we went and got in line to ride the train. Scarlett was very happy and patient.

Here's an attempt at a family picture. Scarlett refused to look at the camera so this was the best we could get.

Scarlett working on that snow cone.

Loading onto the train.

Scarlett really liked the train ride. She just sat quietly staring out at the fields of Christmas trees. One of which we'll be taking home with us in a month.

Here's an awesome hay bale they turned into a giant spider. You can see the Christmas trees growing behind us.

Scarlett inspected all of the pumpkins carefully...

Before finally choosing the perfect Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin. (more on that in a future blogpost)