Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Daddy-Daughter Date

Ever since Desmond was born, Scarlett has been understandably a bit more needy of our attention and I have been a bit more needy of time without two children crying.  So, to remedy this situation we (or maybe just I) decided that Wes and Scarlett should have the occasional daddy-daughter outing.  Here are pictures of their first one.  I hear it went really well.

 There's a lot of ice cream sitting in front of that child.  Definitely more than mommy would have given her.  I'm just saying...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Harris and Alston Family Go to the Zoo!!!

While Steve and Angie were here they got a Houston City Pass and saw a lot of the sites here in our southern town.  I didn't go with them to any of the attractions because I was too chicken to take Desmond to that many places, that far away for that many days.  I did, however, brave it with Wes on Saturday to hit up the zoo.  It was awesome, seriously one of the best days ever.

One of the first things we did was go to the petting zoo where Steve enjoyed sharing a story with us about some friend of his who was on death's bed practically after getting sick at a petting zoo.  Thanks Steve...thanks.  Really comforting.  They had these little (and incredibly nasty) brushes that the kids could use to comb the goat's fur.  Scarlett thought that was pretty fabulous.

Scarlett learned one of the perks of being a "big sister" while Kaitlyn was here...bossing the littler ones around.  You can see her imperious look here, I'm sure she felt she was showing Kaitlyn how it's done!

It started to pour down rain, so we headed for cover and got lunch.  These bursts of rain showers continued the rest of the day.  It would be sunny and pretty for an hour and then rain for 15 minutes.  So, please remember that as you take note of Scarlett's matted ratty hair in all further zoo pictures.  The rain ended up being kind of perfect because it kept us nice and cool in the July Houston heat.

The best part of the day was when we fed the giraffes.  That was pretty great!  I worried that maybe Scarlett would be scared, but it was definitely not a problem.

I couldn't believe how long their tongues were...and black.  They also had really cute long floppy eyelashes.  Overall, they were pretty adorable!

This is what Desmond and Wes did while we were feeding the giraffes.  The towels and blankets were to protect him from the rain.

The rest of the trip he did this.
I was a little worried it was because he had heat stroke but Wes assured me he was fine.  Turns out, he was right.  Thankfully.

Here's Scarlett checking to see if the zoo gift shop had anything good.  She decided that this drum was pretty much the best thing in the store.  After watching her bang on it for about 15 minutes (we were hiding out from the rain), I decided it was definitely NOT coming home with us.

Angie and I took the two girls to see Dora's 4-D Adventure.  Scarlett saw this wall and just about had a caniption.
 She went over and touched the wall for the entire time it took for us adults to buy tickets and decide who was going to stay with Desmond and who was going to go with the girls.
 She is currently obsessed with Dora and so this was the cherry on top of her zoo sundae.  Or so she thought, after Swiper the Fox sent a little robot butterfly out to take all of the rainforest's habitats, things took a turn for the worse.  Turns out having a little demon robot butterfly use its go go gadget arms to swing nets toward you in 3-D is a little scary for a two year old.  She climbed into my lap and refused to wear her 3-D glasses again.  A very large part of me hoped that this might cure her from her Dora obsession.  It didn't.

The zoo has this really cool aquarium with a tube going through it that the kids (and adventurous adults) can crawl through.  Its really cute and Scarlett enjoyed doing a circuit going through it and around and through it again about 20 times.

We found Nemo!

Here we are on the way to the car, right before she completely passed out the entire way back.  She was super happy and flushed with excitement from her day at the zoo.

This was one of only a handful of times that she's missed her afternoon nap in her lifetime.  She held up really well, we're just glad it didn't go down the way it did at Alcatraz when she missed her afternoon nap while visiting my dad .  I should have blogged about that trip.  Below is a little sample of what that day went like.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Our friends, Steve and Angie Alston are in town visiting us.  So, we decided to brave the early morning heat and go to our local 4th of July parade.

Hey Steve and Angie!

Their daughter Kaitlyn and Scarlett got prime seating for the parade.

Little Desmond slept through the whole thing including the bands, sirens, and music blaring at full volume.  It was pretty impressive.

Wes once again got very excited about the ambulance (called Waaambulance for some unknown reason) that was on big wheels.  So, we got a picture of that.  You can see it over Wes's left shoulder.

We also caught the fireworks display that night, Desmond slept through that as well.  He was pretty unimpressed by the 4th of July.  Scarlett and Kaitlyn, on the other hand, had a great time watching fireworks.  I wish we had gotten pictures of them, but we didn't.

I hope all of you had a great Independence Day as well!