Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Fun!

Today, we went to the Children's Museum downtown.  Scarlett and Desmond loved pretending to be Veterinarians.  Scarlett took it VERY seriously and Desmond mostly just really enjoyed cuddling the little stuffed animals.

They've both claimed their sick animal to tend to.

Scarlett looking in the kitty's ears.  I was getting my phone out to take pictures…just in case you were judging *ahem* I mean wondering.  

When she was putting on her Vet scrubs, I was explaining to her how important it was that she did a good job on giving the animals a check-up and I was showing her the different utensils to use.  As she was putting on the little "Veterinarian's Assistant" badge and listening to me, she said, "Mommy, I love this so much."  It was pretty much the cutest and sweetest thing ever.

Checking his temperature.  She obviously didn't know where to use a thermometer on a cat and I didn't enlighten her either.
Desmond checking out his dog's hair follicles…while cuddling his dog, of course.

Desmond sticking the ear checker thing in his own ear instead of the dogs.

Scarlett's bunny needed a flea bath.

Its all clean and flea free now!  

After that, we split up and I took Desmond up to the Tot area and Wes and Scarlett went off to the engineering invention area, where I'm not sure if Wes or Scarlett had more fun.

They made a parachute and sent it up this wind tunnel.

Scarlett climbed up this two story lily pad area.  You can see her in the pink shirt.

Then we went out and played in the water area where Scarlett, Desmond, and Wes soaked themselves and nearby innocent children.  Wes built this massive tube structure and sent water flying all over the place.

This wave machine was really cool.

The fun didn't stop there!  Our neighbors gave us a bounce house that their kids outgrew.  This is Scarlett not so patiently waiting for Wes to set it up.  

They had a good time.