Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wes's 2016 Reading Pie

Legend: Outer ring to Inner ring
  1. Title
  2. Page Count
  3. Rating (5 is the best)
  4. Genre
  5. Format (not correlated to other rings)
75% Speculative Fiction
21% Non-Fiction
4% Thriller
  • Finally got around to reading the Alcatraz books.  It turns out that Sanderson is a genius at silly as well--lots of fun.  
  • Read Spiderwick to Scarlett and Desmond; although we haven't delivered on our promise to let them watch the movie as it still looks a bit too scary for even for Scarlett. Seems like these books should have targeted an older audience (4th grade maybe?) and been one book.
  • King's 11.22.63 was something new, great read.  
  • Loved my history reads this year; Franklin by Walter Isaacson, in particular was incredible.
  • Siddhartha's The Gene took everything I had from biology and added to it.  Enjoyed how he wove cultural and religious background as context to the scientific developments.
  • Really enjoyed Meyer's book The Chemist in a different field.
  • Another genius installment from the Gentleman Bastards series; looking forward to more.
  • Finished a couple of fantastic trilogies: The Reckoners and Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne
  • Marie Kondo might have some sort of cleaning mental illness (my thought not hers) but I did learn a very satisfying way to fold towels and to get rid of things that don't make me happy.

While not 2014, still a good solid year.  I had an uptick in reading magazines in 2015 (not captured in my book charts).  In 2016, I used my new Bose headphones to watch a lot more TV shows.  This year was by far the biggest percentage of audiobooks partially due to working a lot; if not for reading to the kids and a couple ebooks on plane rides I might have been 100% audio.

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Angie Busch Alston said...

I totally agree about the Spiderwick books! Should have been one book for sure! I started Marie Kondo's book, but I haven't finished it yet. I just get overwhelmed thinking about doing everything at once. Maybe during a summer break...